Utkarsh Kukreti

Open Source Projects


Minimal, in-memory, ActiveRecord like database library, backed by a Ruby Hash.
Stack-oriented programming language, optimized for brevity.
Terse, Array based Programming Language, inspired by the K, APL, and J programming languages.
Very terse programming language, inspired by APL/J/K.
A "process" memory and execution time benchmarker, which uses Unixsystem utilities.
A script to backup all repositories of a user hosted on Repository Hosting service.
A high-performance server built on Rack to do quick GeoIP lookups.
Collection of scripts to automate provisioning new Ruby/Rack/Rails production servers
A Ruby's subset → PHP compiler.
Generate various customizable statistics of a git repository.


A mini and pretty testing framework for C.
An implementation of a Hash Table in ANSI C.